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Dock Planned Maintenance

Our Dock Planned Maintenance Programs Ensure Your Loading Docks are Safe & Productive Places!

At Each Visit, We Inspect & Service:

Dock Leveler
Clean & remove debris from under leveler
Check & inspect the following;

  • Full operation
  • Ramp, hinge & Lip
  • Hold Down assembly
  • Chains, frame & welds
  • Toe guards, seals & brushes
  • Any optional equipment
  • Lift & lip cylinder(s)
  • Wiring, switches
  • Oil level
  • Lubricate & make minor adjustments for proper operation

Check & inspect the following;

  • Full operation
  • Rollers, bearings, hinges & cables
  • Belts, switches & wiring
  • Tracks & Panels
  • Seals, shelters, brushes curtains & weather stripping
  • Oil level

Trailer Restraint
Check & inspect the following:

  • Full operation
  • Frame, anchors & welds
  • Wiring, lights & switches

Matthai Material Handling is a full-service materials handling supplier and we want to be your ONE SOURCE for all your materials handling needs. the next time you think dock equipment or service, give us a will be glad you did!