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Forklift Parts Fluids and Filters
Forklift filters are necessary to keep the contaminants out of the fuel, air, oil and hydraulic fluid in order to make sure that a lift truck functions properly. Forklift filters are also important factors in making the truck comply with emission standards. The important filters you need to keep a forklift functioning properly are air filters, oil filters, hydraulic and transmission filters. 
An Internal Combustion forklift may be powered by gasoline, diesel or propane, and contiminants in any of the fuel lines can cause a disruption in performance and increase your fuel costs. Every operation is different and you can not simply change filters based on factory recommendations. Matthai Material Handling can work with you to establish a proper filter replacement interval that will keep your forklifts operating at peak performance.
Contaminants in your hydraulic lines can cause major problems with performance and create a safety hazard for those operating around your forklifts. We carry hydraulic fluid and filters for all makes and models forklifts. We can provide you with OEM or aftermarket solutions to fill your requirements.
Breathers are another type of filter placed on gearboxes, hydraulic reservoirs and storage tanks to keep out water and contaminants from the system. We have the filters you need to keep the air intake clean and power moving efficiently throughout your forklift's systems.
For all your forklift filter and fluid needs, Contact Us, you will be glad you did.
forklift fluids and filters
 You can count on Matthai for all your forklift fluid and filter needs.
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